Asaiki Pte Ltd

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About us

Asaiki Pte Ltd, established in 1996, specializes in telecommunications products and premium-quality industrial tapes and paper conversion services. Asaiki is headquartered in Singapore.

Where to find us

280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5,
#06-39, Singapore 757322
+65 6363 1788
[email protected]

What we do

Industrial Tape and Paper Conversion

Precision matters. Asaiki specialises in doing bulk conversion for paper, film, and tape products in roll forms. We are able to provide slitting and repackaging services. We supply high-performance tapes and films for industrial applications, ensuring optimal adhesion, insulation, and protection in challenging industrial environments.


Stay connected. Asaiki ensures robust connectivity with quality components designed for datacentres and telecommunication systems that require maximum uptime. Asaiki partners with Taiwan-based JPC Connectivity to supply the most cost-effective and reliable components such as transceivers, AOCs, DACs, etc for use in datacentres around the region.

Industrial tapes and films

Polyimide Tape

CENTAM polyimide tape have superior mechanical and chemical properties while maintaining its affordability.CENTAM polyimide tape can withstand up to 232°C of prolonged usage. Available in caliper ranges from 1mm to 3mm thick.

Polyimide Tape

CENTAR polyimide tape is a special polyimide tape coated with F46 (Teflon) for superior release. The coating can be single sided or double sided. This tape exhibits similar excellent properties as the CENTAM polyimide tape, with the added feature of easy release.Available in caliper ranges from 1mm to 3mm thick.

Polyimide Tape

CENTSURE polyimide tape is a special performance adhesion tape that uses the outstanding CENTAM polyimide tape as its base substrate. CENTSURE polyimide tape is suitable for applications with good bond strength that require the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of CENTAM polyimide tape.Available with silicon or acrylic adhesive and in caliper ranges from 1mm to 2mm thick.

Release Liner

• Release Liners
• General Release Liners
• Release liners with differential release force
• Antistatic Release Liners
• Colored Release Liners
• Fluorosilicone Release Liners
• Non-silicone Coated Release Liners